Yet another fire at a recycle centre while millions collected in taxes

Yet another fire at a recycle centre while millions collected in taxes

A metal recycle premises in Garbutt Queensland is the latest recycle company to have a fire. For a full list of the fires in this industry that occurred last year, please go to this post.

Meanwhile Local councils across Melbourne are facing the growing prospect of having to dump tonnes of household recyclable material in landfill after the environment watchdog ordered a major recycling company to stop accepting waste.

The Environment Protection Authority ordered SKM Services to stop accepting recyclable waste at its Coolaroo and Laverton sites due to concerns that stockpiled plastic posed a fire hazard.

It is reported that 2 other councils, Glen Eira and Casey are sending recyclable material to landfill.

The EPA notices follow a fire at the Coolaroo site in 2017 that burned for 11 days, and sent clouds of smoke across Melbourne, forcing residents from their homes.

Another fire broke out at the company’s South Geelong plant last year.

Victoria’s recycling sector was thrown into chaos after China stopped accepting low-grade exported waste.

I was particularly interested but not surprised to read that the President of the Municipal Association of Victoria, Ms Mary Lalios said the State Government had done little to respond to China’s decision in January 2018 to stop accepting foreign waste.

“Last year when China said, ‘we don’t want your rubbish anymore Australia’, what have we done in this last year? We really need an investment and we really need leadership in this space. The State Government has collected $.5 billion in the sustainability fund through a landfill levy — that’s community money and that’s not being invested.

This is yet another example of government not doing the right thing by its electorate. Power at all cost, grab money through hidden taxes and display no leadership.

I fully support the position taken by Ms Lalios. As an economy and for the sake of our children and grandchildren we need to see all levels of government working together with the industry itself and the insurance industry to ensure we have a sustainable waste and resource recovery industry in Australia

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