Why is flood mitigation being ignored by all political parties leading up to the 2013 elections?

With so much loss of life and property damage caused by flooding in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, which so far has resulted in over $4 billion of insured losses, probably the same if not more in uninsured losses not to mention the heart ache for so many, it is extremely disappointing to me and so many others that none of the political parties have raised the issue in any of the lead up to the Federal Election.

Without an investment in flood mitigation, the single biggest cause of property losses in Australia government will continue to set families and small business up for failure.

Is it not the first role of good government to protect the property of its constituents and to protect the economy?

Shame on our parties. Australian’s deserve better!

Meanwhile the insurance industry will continue to be the scape goat for governments being painted as the villians despite paying out so much in claims!

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