When to appoint a claims preparer? The earlier the better

When to appoint a claims preparer? The earlier the better

After handling claims as a claims preparer now for over 20 years full time one bit of advice above all others stands out. That is that the earlier a competent expert is appointed to assist the Insured mitigate their loss and quantify and present their claim, the better.

So often, we are only engaged many months after the event, often when the Indemnity Period has expired or is about to expire, the client is extremely frustrated and the claim is well and truly off the rails.

We are then asked to waive a non-existent magic wand and fix all the problems within a week or even shorter.

It is so much better for all concerned, including the insurer, if the claim is set up correctly from the start, a realistic reserve is set, a strategy to mitigate the loss is agreed, an accurate scope of works is developed and competent trades engaged.

While it is never too late to engage an expert, Insured’s do ask the question with some justification, why weren’t you appointed from the start. We have no answer to this as it is outside our control.

Claims Preparation coverage has been available in Australia for over 35 years and survey after survey shows that Insured’s greatly value the service as it allows them to concentrate on re-establishing their business, reduces the stress for both them and their broker and speeds up the claim process.

So please, if you have a client with a complex or large claim, particularly with a business interruption component appoint a qualified and experienced loss adjuster who will work with all stakeholders to provide as smooth a claims process as possible.

In Australia, New Zealand and through out the Asia Pacific region, LMI Group provide such services with a claims team which has over 1,500 years of combined experience in handling claims across all classes of general insurance. To learn more visit

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