What is at risk by being dishonest? Case # 4 – fraudulent claim by insurance broker.

In this case an insurance broker made two theft claims off his own contents insurance in the last 6 months. The claims officer was concerned but could not put his finger on what was worrying her but gave it to an insurance investigator who looked at the supporting documentation which included one for a replacement suit.

Unluckily for the broker, the investigator purchases his suits from the same retailer and knew the prices of the suits quite well and believing the invoice had been ‘doctored’ took it along to the retailer and sure enough a 1, had been added between the $ and the 700 which was the true value of the suit.

Other invoices proved to be similarly altered and whether the event ever took place is now being questioned.

The broker has been dismissed from his job and his reputation damaged.

As with the other three cases that I have written on this week. Was it all worth it? Is it every really worth it?

As Publilius Syrus wrote in the 1st Century BC:

A good reputatoin is more valuable than money”

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