What can you do to prevent garbage fires?

What can you do to prevent garbage fires?

With similar incidents happening in Waverley, Winmalee and East Bendigo recently, I thought it would be positive to refresh some things we should all take into account when disposing waste and recyclables.

These are actions that can potentially help prevent huge losses for waste management services providers and, most importantly, save lives. It was reported that garbage truck drivers managed to avoid tragedies by dumping the loads on fire on open areas like parks, then getting assisted by firefighters.

However, in order to prevent this from happening in the first place, we should never dispose of the following materials in the bins:

– Flammable or combustible liquids (gasoline, oil-based paints, or kerosene)
– Hazardous materials (ammonia, bleach, pool chemicals, pesticides, paint thinners, etc.)
– Canisters containing propellants (including butane or propane)
– Cylinders containing compressed gas (propane, helium, oxygen, acetylene or fire extinguishers)
– Batteries (which contain heavy metals like lithium, nickel cadmium or lead-acid)
– Ashes (from fireplaces, fire pits or barbecue grills)
– Unknown substances

If in doubt, always contact the Council Authority for a detailed explanation on each type of waste disposal.

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