Whaling Attack

Security Breach Cyber Attack Computer Crime Password ConceptRecently, we posted an article where we had a whaling attack, sometimes known as a CEO scam attack. Luckily we dodged a bullet and caught it in time.

I read today with interest, an article from CPA Australia which estimated that such attacks cost the industry US$2.3 billion in the last 3 years alone. As I also reported, many people have lost their job over it and in at least one case there has been a suicide.

Not all cyber policies cover this type of attack and we all need to be vigilant to ensure that we are not duped by the scam.

As I reported with our attack, I worked with both Victoria Police and Westpac bank and what I have learnt since about the account that was put forward for us to pay the phoney invoice was that the holder of the account was not involved in the scam. Rather, that he was someone who had recently retired from the security industry and was seeking companionship online and was allegedly approached by a woman from Ghana who after a period of time asked him to open, not one but, multiple accounts within Australia so she could transfer money into the accounts in preparation for her moving to Australia to be with her new ‘boyfriend’.

Of course, the whole thing was rubbish and as soon as the accounts were opened, communication with the woman(?) ceased, and he did not think to cancel the accounts until the true purpose of the accounts was explained to him as part of the investigation process.

Just another reason to be careful with online relationships.

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