Well-written Article on the Flood Issue in Australia

I was alerted to this article by Paul George, General Manager of MGA Insurance Brokers. After all the bad press our industry received, it is pleasing to read a balanced piece titled “The Truth is in the Flood Maps” published in The Global Mail on 17 May 2012.

Although it starts off looking like another attack on the industry, the final paragraph sums up the quality of our policians. They now blame their constituents for not allowing the flood maps to be released.

What nonsense and what about, as I posted on May 13, 2012, at http://www.allanmanning.com/?p=1002.

I stress I am not opposed to flood mitigation which has all but been completely ignored by the Federal Government in the 2102 Federal Budget. This came as a complete surprise after all the grandstanding and public insurance industry-bashing by the Federal Government, particularly by The Honourable Bill Shorten MP – Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation. Now that they need to put their money where their mouth is, the true measure of the man and the government can clearly be seen.”

I would ask that there is a stop to the grandstanding by all levels of government by bashing up insurers and a start to fixing the problem by setting up a National Flood Action Authority made up of the various local, state, and federal governments along with the insurance industry to fix the problem for the good of the economy and the home and business owners the politicians claim to represent. While the Netherlands is a much smaller country, they were able to fix their flood problems, which I would suggest were harder than ours.  We need to start somewhere and we need to start now.

Congratulations to Ms Ellen Fanning and all concerned in putting the article together and thanks Paul for taking the effort to pass it on. Now that I no longer read Choice Magazine in view of their completely unfair Shonky Award to the Insurance Industry, I will give The Global Mail a go.


Finally, I would advise that a colleague from LMI Group and I prepared a paper to the National Disaster Insurance Review that was chaired by Mr John Trowbridge. A copy of our submission which covers a range of issues on problem of flood can be found at http://www.ndir.gov.au/content/submissions/issues_paper_submissions/LMI_Group.pdf.

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