Victorian Government introduces Fire Services Levy Monitor Bill 2012

Victorians have been paying fire service levies for well over 50 years with their insurance. The various governments of the day have not seen any need to introduce special legislation to monitor the collection of billions of dollars through all that period.

Now with just over 8 months to go the government has introduced a bill titled the Fire Services Levy Monitor Bill 2012. The question is why.

The answer is simple. The same government that is introducing this bill, creating a whole new section messed up the transition to the point that public outcry has forced them to do something to be seen to be doing something.

I believe all of this could have been avoided if the Victorian Government has simply sat with the insurance industry and worked with them to ensure a fair and transparent transition. It is not like this is something new. Three other states have managed the transition well and any of these could have been used as a model for the Victorian transition.

What we now have is a fire axe to crack a walnut.

Of course it is not just the taxes on insurance this government has botched; the mess with the water rates is still on everyone’s mind. No wonder this first term government is so unpopular with the electorate.

The fact is this proposed legislation, like the bill to remove the fire service levy is way too late and a complete waste of government resources and tax payers’ dollars.

To view the proposed legislation visit:  Fire Services Levy Monitor Bill 2012 – Bills

It looks like the New South Wales Government is showing more leadership in the way they are looking at transitioning the taxes in that state.



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