US being hit by severe storms again this year.

The terrifying sight of an approaching tornado

On top of all the natural catastrophes that hit the Asia Pacific region which of course includes Australia  with the most recent flooding in Queensland and New South Wales (early estimates 5.657 claims totalling $111 million) and the Christmas Day hail storm in Melbourne (104,320 claims estimated at $669 million) [Source Insurance Council of Australia January 2012], the US has now been hit with some killer storms.

The latest report I have seen stated the severe weather/tornado outbreaks that hit Midwest regions of the United States on 28/29 February. Storms spawned several tornadoes that killed at least 12 people and caused widespread property damage across the following states which have all made disaster declarations: Illinois, Kansas and Missouri.

The reports also indicate that damage and disruption has been localised but severe, with the counties of Saline (Illinois), Wabaunsee (Kansas) and Taney (Missouri) particularly badly hit. Elsewhere, severe thunderstorms also pounded Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee on 29 February before drifting towards the eastern seaboard.

The property books of general insurers and re-insures looks like getting no let up this year. Let us hope it gets better.

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