Upcoming changes in star ratings ClaimsComparison.com

Upcoming changes in star ratings ClaimsComparison.com

Over the past week, LMI’s in-house statistician and I have been going through the relevant data from the regulator and the recent survey. It has been a huge task over many long days.

First of all, I want to thank all those that took the time to carry out the survey. We had nearly 3,000 respondents, many rating more than one claims experience.

The updated star ratings are scheduled to be published on 26th July, the day after the 2019 Mansfield Awards for Claims Excellence.

However, I can share the following tidbits with you.

The rating on 89 current entries will go up.

85 have gone down.

264 remain the same.

We have 32 current entries drop off either because of a name change in the brand or because the insurance product is no longer being offered by that particular insurer/underwriter.

On the flip side there will be 145 new entries. This includes the inclusion of star ratings on Leisure Travel and Engineering.

As with the Mansfield Awards for Claims Excellence, there is no fee charged to be rated by ClaimsComparison.com. ClaimsComparison.com is done voluntarily and at no charge to anyone to allow prospective insureds to make an informed buying decision, to promote the importance of claims in a positive way and if possible drive positive change.

I will remind readers on the 26th July when the new ratings will be published on ClaimsComparison.com.

In the meantime, I look forward to catching up with many readers at the Mansfield Awards. To get your tickets please go to www.mansfieldawards.com

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