Two issues when running a popular blog

The first major issue when operating a blog is the enormous amount of spam I get each day. On a good day like today it was just over 50; mid-week it can be over 230 and to go through them all to see if any are genuine takes a lot of time.

I spoke with LMI Group’s IT department and it has now introduced a requirement that whoever posts a comment to the blog has to type in two words.  That should stop autobots from posting.

The second issue is that while I get lots of positive feedback when I conduct my training sessions around the country and through private emails, a great many people are reluctant to post a comment (hopefully the new requirement will not deter genuine posters from doing so).

One such email this week read:

Hi Allan,

How are you going? We have been trying to get some of our digital marketing/twitter set up & I was just wanting to make sure that you were OK with us referencing your blog as part of some of our recommendations?  We will actually put the link to your blog in any references…but happy to do it in any way that you prefer.

If you could let me know, that would be great.  We were hoping to use your three house insurance traps in our first one (from Oct 15th)

We really like the blog – it is a good read.


Marnie” [surname and email address provided]

To make it easier for readers to share the posting with colleagues, friends and clients using LinkedIn or Twitter or provide a little positive feedback via Facebook, “Share”, “Tweet” and “Like” buttons have been added at the end of each posted article.

Please try them out.

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  1. Hi Allan,
    That””s great thanks. We will definitely use these links. We will also try to comment a bit more as we do get a lot out of your articles & blog posts. Thanks again. Marnie

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