Travel Insurance – A discussion brokers need to have with their clients

Travel Insurance – A discussion brokers need to have with their clients

I have been concerned for some time at what appears to be an increasing number of travel claims that have come to me where there was no cover in place, or the cover did not operate as it should.

To assist brokers, LMI included Corporate Travel as one of the areas of risk to consider in the RiskCoach and ContinuityCoach products, while we added Corporate Travel to with Leisure Travel insurance to follow shortly. Finally, we have included the claims service of the travel insurers on

It is with this background that I was interested to read this article in the Daily Mail.

Death in paradise: Why the number of Australians dying in Indonesia and Thailand has skyrocketed – while 500 have vanished overseas in just one year.

The article states that according to a report issued by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, an Australian dies or is seriously injured overseas every two-and-a-half hours – an increase of 36 per cent over the past five years.

This effected my own family with my grandfather dying off Singapore on a cruise ship during a long awaited holiday.

I do urge everyone to have a discussion with your client regarding the need for travel insurance. The cover is so important and while it cannot necessarily stop something bad happening it can soften the blow by meeting the costs of medical treatment, emergency evacuation and or lost baggage.

There are a number of excellent insurers operating in this space, just visit and to learn more.

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