Today Tonight miss the point

To late to find out that you have a lemon of an insurance policy after a loss has occurred

During the week in Victoria (hopefully just there) Today Tonight ran an article on the differences in price of insurance going so far as to critisise some of Australia’s largest multi brand insurers for having different prices within their own stable of brands.

This reinforces one of the biggest urban myths about insurance. that is, all insurance policies are all the same. The reality is as anyone in the industry knows that insurance policies are not the same, nor is the claim service between insurers or in some cases within brands.

We really cannot blame anyone but ourselves as our own ads push two main points. 1. insurance is all about price, and 2. insurance is easy.

Insurance brokers need to work to overcome this more than ever before in this tough economic times. Products like was upgraded this past week to allow brokers to explain the differences even easier.

It is of course too late at claim time to find out the truth about insurance and debunk the myths.

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