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It has been quite a week with many questions being asked and answered. I have posted the questions and answers on a few and will post more next week so as not to overtax you with too much.

On the subject of taxing, I have posted a couple of articles this week on Fire Service Levy including the most oft asked question of me. That is why are the FSL rates going up when the Victorian Government claim the total amount to be collected is lower? I do my best to uncover the governments smoke and mirrors trick.

The New South Wales government is seeking feedback and every insurer and broker in that state should let them know their view. I attach a link to the site in my posting below.

One topic I cover is the short lived Tramsurance scheme cooked up by a couple of enterprising if somewhat misguided university students in Melbourne.

During the week, I was interviewed for the Dollars with Sense program on Channel 31. When I hear the interview will be screened I will let you know. The topics covered where the effect of the new Carbon Tax on reinstatement values and of course the fire service levy in Victoria. At all times, I try and paint the insurance industry in the positive light it deserves.

In the coming week I will be meeting one or two Victorian sitting members of the National Party to discuss the mess that is the transition year. I will let reader know how the meeting(s) went.

I hope you enjoy this week’s offerings below. Keep the questions coming.

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