This is typical of a lot of letters and emails I receive from business on the FSL

Dear Allan

We have been running a succesfull  business for over 30 years.

And as with everything we do, do it well, so we always aimed to have full insurance cover.

I have attached insurance quotes for this year and also a breakdown.

We are seriously considering not insuring as the cost is now prohibitive.

We are extremely angry about the fire services levy.

We live in the Dandenong Ranges where all fire brigades are run by volunteers.

When there are major bushfires the volunteers come from small businesses in the area. eg electrician, firefighting for days and he makes no income for these days.

To get new equipment there has to be fundraising in the community. So where does my $36,000 get allocated by the government????

I presume they go to the sameplace where our council rates go, not here!!!

Glad to get this of my chest!


Els (Surname and email provided)”

There is a lot of anger out there and much more than the state government appreciate. They will have to account for their actions at the next election but I genuinely worry about any business, and there have been far too many, that are deciding not to insure. What would happen to this person’s life’s work if they do not insure and a bush fire goes through the Dandenongs.

Yes it is great the tax is earmarked for removal but this last year and the lack of a fair transition is a shamozzle. Even if the government could do something from 1 Januaray 2013 to make the cost lower in 2013 due to the fact that the same home and business owners whose insurance falls due then will have to pay 12 months FSL, GST and Stamp Duty on their insurance and yet pay another lot of FSL which will be ramped up to recover the lost Stamp Duty from the September quarter 2013.

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