There are risks in tall residential living but good design including safe fire exits is the key

 Source: Hugh Tomlinson, Dubai

Source: Hugh Tomlinson, Dubai

I am not sure if it was on the news but one of my colleagues from LMI in Dubai advised that thousands of people had to be evacuated and thankfully were moved to safety from one of the world’s tallest residential buildings after a fire raged through at least 15 of its 79 floors.

Most residents of the 1,105ft Marina Torch building in Dubai were asleep when the fire alarm sounded at 2am local time on Saturday 21st February. Fanned by strong winds, the blaze spread fast through the higher floors of the tower in the Marina district of the city, home to thousands of expatriate professionals.

Over night in Melbourne a 7 storey apartment opposite the famous Victoria Markets also had a severe fire necessitating the evacuation of all residents.

When any residential tower gets about the height that fire officers can reach you with ladders and snorkels it is imperative the building has good fire escapes that are not blocked or equally as bad having doors propped open which only allows the fire to get in as it looks for oxygen and fuel.

The fire also demonstrates the need for occupants to have contents insurance to protect the financial loss that may result from the loss of their contents or even damage by smoke, heat or water which will no doubt effect many more floors than the fire itself.

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