The well deserved kiss of thanks

After all my writing on the unfairness on fire service levies I thought I should share this special moment with you involving a fire fighter.

The story goes that the giver of the kiss was pregnant. The fire fighter had saved her from a house fire and carried her to safety to the front yard.

The firefighter then went straight back to work and helped fight the fire and at the end of the day, he sat down to catch his breath.

A photographer from The Charlotte, a North Carolina newspaper, saw what had happened and saw the giver of the kiss looking at the fireman.

He saw her walk straight up to the fireman not taking any notice of anyone else.

As the cameraman raised his camera she came up to the tired man who had saved not only her life life but that of her unborn babies, and kissed him full on the face. What a wonderful reward and what a great action photo.

Thanks Norma for sharing.


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