The story of the stolen “P” continues

The story of the stolen “P” continues

Yesterday I posted an article covering the theft of a sign from our office building and the way that I was able to track down one of the 3 men involved in the theft, damage, etc.

I have had several requests to keep the story going and hence this follow up.

I was interviewed on 3AW and for those interested here is a link to the short segment. Link to Neil Mitchell 3AW interview.

I thought that I had a commitment to make good from the person I spoke to but by 2:30pm I had not heard from him so I rang again. This time he was dismissive saying he had been too busy, he was going overseas on holiday Saturday and he would look into it upon his return.

I said this was not good enough and he dismissed me.

I immediately picked up all the evidence, the video surveillance, his full name, email address, phone number, residential address, company name etc to the Camberwell Police.

There, I received first class attention from the officer on duty who thanked me for the work I had done. I apologised that I had to involve the Police as I know they have much more important crimes to deal with but was being forced into reporting it.

I offered that if they would just do the right thing and return the sign and have it refitted I would not press charges.

After I left she watched the video and contacted me with a question that I answered.

She contacted me a hour later to say she had spoken to the one I had identified. A plasterer called Jason, and he had provided the details of the man that actually ripped the sign off the wall.

Having received assurance from Chris, the man who took the sign that he would make good, she advised him that she would pass his details on to me. The Police officer emailed me explaining all this and provided me with his first name and mobile number. There was a request to not ring till today when he was at work. I assume this was so his partner did not learn of the incident but I could be wrong.

I also learned the sign was left out on our footpath on the night but someone must have picked it up the next day – a Sunday.

I rang Chris today and received an apology and an assurance that he wants to make good and not involve the police any more.

Chris advised me that Jason had not rung him after my call to him on Tuesday otherwise he would have actioned it earlier. By the tone of surprise in his voice I tend to believe him. It does justify my decision to go to the Police.

This will now rest in abeyance for a few days till I get the quotation from the sign company, Major Graphics.

Once again, I cannot speak more highly of the help afforded me by the Police. I think the lesson here is not to sit back and do nothing. Spend a bit of time and carry out your own basic investigations using social media, your CCTV footage etc unless of course it is a major incident where the police have the resources and I am sure would prefer to do it themselves.

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