The removal of Fire Service Levy in NSW is not a done deal – have your say!

I was speaking in Sydney during the past week and then had to rush back to Melbourne to attend an important function at Victoria University.

After my departure, the following speaker asked the audience which was comprised predominantly of insurance brokers, if any had had their say on the New South Wales Government’s website seeking community views on whether Fire Services Levies in New South Wales should be removed. Not one person present had done so! I am glad for their sake I was not still there.

In the meantime, the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union has mounted a campaign to stop the tax being removed from insurance and moved to property rates.

This is despite the fact that:

1. The HIH, Canberra Bushfire and Victorian “Black Saturday” Royal Commissions recommended that all taxes on insurance be removed.

2. The Henry Report into Australian taxation advised that taxes on insurance are the most unfair and inefficient taxes in Australia.

3. The Brumby Labor Government in Victoria made the decision years ago to remove the tax, a decision which is now being implemented by the Baillieu Government.

4. All other Australian mainland states and territories have removed or are in the process of removing the tax.

5. With all in the community contributing fairly to the cost of running the fire brigade, there should in theory be more funding for the fire services.

6. It has been clearly shown that the high level of taxation on insurance results in high levels of under and non-insurance which hurts home and business owners, New South Wales communities and economies.

The campaign being run looks remarkably similar to my own campaign that I have funded for the past 5 years to help remove the taxes. The concern I have is that while mine is self-funded and I speak and write when I can, the Union campaign is well funded and is therefore getting a lot of press. The irony is that they are using fire trucks, etc paid for by taxes on insurance!

I urge you, if you have not already done so to get onto the government website: If the NSW government realises that the removal of the taxes has widespread support, it will continue with this much needed reform. What we cannot afford is apathy on your part. Do it now!

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