The courts are letting Victorian’s down

The courts are letting Victorian’s down

Like many Victorian’s I woke up to the sickening vision of the random attack of a pedestrian by one of three men walking along the footpath. But it gets worse.  The news report states that the culprit was allowed out on bail against the recommendation of the Police.

The reasoning behind the attack? The culprit had been drinking and taking cocaine. As if that is any excuse for senseless violence against another person. IT IS NOT.  Hear that Magistrate. IT DOES NOT!

What message does the decision by the magistrate leave to the community?

Parents and citizens are left fearful while those who might be tempted to adopt this behaviour are shown that the consequences are insignificant.

There is so much effort put into worthwhile campaigns, such as the cowards punch and the like and all of this is undone by our court system letting down victims, the Police and the law abiding citizens of Victoria.

Everyone makes decisions every day. Some good some bad. All of us have to understand that we have to accept the consequences of our actions. Consuming alcohol or drugs to the point where you endanger yourself, or worse still, others is your decision and yours alone. It should never ever be used as an excuse.

Not only should the culprit be locked up but his 2 mates who not only failed to help the victim but thought it funny should be charged as well. Perhaps some training in the parable of the Good Samaritan or even how to develop an ounce of decency.

My thoughts are with the victim, reportedly too scared to initially report it to the Police. Is this the Victoria we deserve?

Why I share the strong views of Jeff Kennett and so many others is that one of my friends was volunteering providing food to the homeless. Without any warning he was king hit and as a result suffered serious brain damage, to the point he can never work again. Again the culprit was under the influence but the Police have not found him despite clear CCTV footage. If the culprit is going to simply walk free then I can start to appreciate why the Police are not busting their boilers to catch him.

I appreciate that granting bail to the culprit in the news report this morning does not mean he gets off scot-free. The failure to dismiss the request for bail indicates that the Court are not taking the matter as seriously as most of us would demand.

What perhaps worries me most is that the Victorian Government are more worried about the routing scandal that so many are caught up in that important issues like this will not be corrected.

Sorry about this rant. I was so upset I was physically shaking to the point I had to get my thoughts down on paper.



EDIT: I have had numerous comments back on this article agreeing and sharing your own personal experiences. I wanted to share one with you:

Thanks for your rant this morning.

I was a victim of a rage road incident where two cyclists (I am a cyclist myself) took affront at me being in the bus lane. They played chicken with me before causing me to brake and stop. They got off their bikes and attacked my car with their bike then threw down the bike and tried to open the car door, at which thank God, it was locked and began punching the car whilst telling me how he was going to kill me. This was completely a very distressing and disturbing moment in my life of which it lasted no more than 3 minutes.

Damage to the car is estimated at $10,000.

I was able to get excellent photos of their faces and believe it or not had a lady come to me after and say she could not believe this happened and said she would be a witness. She is an area manager for Neighbourhood watch.

These thugs I have again seen twice riding the same road without any thought of their viscous and violent attack.

This has been reported to the police however as per your rant have showed a constraint in following this up.

This still affects me now and I can understand your person shaking and appreciate all you do.

It is not fair that our fellow societal members treat us this way and we don’t feel protected or safe from these incidents.

2 responses to “The courts are letting Victorian’s down”

  1. PETER CHAPMAN says:

    Hi Allan,
    I don’t always agree with your blog comments (which is allowed) but on this one you have my 100% agreement.

    Innocent until proven guilty is the way it should be, but if the police have strong suspicion of who the culprit was and in this case the “incident” was recorded on two cameras, then a more harsh bail conditions should be imposed in my view.



  2. The sad thing is that if there were not camera capturing this horrible event, the culprit probably would have got away with it. The other sad thing is, that without Camera’s, our politicians would have likely blamed South Sudanese gangs, if the victim had been willing to report the matter.
    I started believing many years ago that CCTV cameras were like “Big Brother is watching you”. I believed in privacy, but these days I am glad these devices are capturing wrong doing. The trouble is they are not everywhere, do not always get viewed unless a matter gets reported, and unfortunately are not necessarily preventing these spur of the moment attacks. Without them, this offender would still be on the streets, doing the same thing again “for a laugh”. At least he has been caught and likely to go to gaol.

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