Thanks InsuranceNEWs and all those that wrote

Thanks InsuranceNEWs and all those that wrote

Just a quick post to thank Terry McMullan and the team from InsuranceNEWS for picking up on my blog post on Monday about the effect that the Australian Government’s decision to remove Insurance Loss Adjusting from the Skilled Migration Program will have on our industry.

A number of people saw either the InsuranceNEWS article or my blog post and have written in expressing their concern. The deadline for this is today so if you have not already, please complete the public submission on why this proposal will be damaging to both the insurance industry and the Australian people generally at

To be clear, we are looking to ensure the Insurance Loss Adjuster profession (599612) remains on the STSOL (short term) and preferably moved to the MLTSSL (medium long term) lists.

This, I think, all comes down to few people really understanding the value of general insurance, and the claims function in particular. We see this with the number of claims to the Financial Ombudsmen Service and the need for government enquiries.

This demonstrates the importance of the Mansfield Awards for Claims Excellence, set down for July 5 in Sydney.

Besides brokers and insurers helping the cause, we have also had help from those who know people in government and working with senior personnel within the major loss adjusting firms operating in Australia, we will be seeking to meet with government advisers and politicians to explain our cause.

Thanks again to all those that are helping in trying to have the decision to remove loss adjusters from the skilled migration occupation list overturned..

One response to “Thanks InsuranceNEWs and all those that wrote”

  1. Erik Kroon says:

    Dear Allan,

    I support the claim that we need in a ‘fast track’ mode, to increase the number of experienced loss adjusters and claims preparers, in dealing with an increased number of insurance claims, all due to the large increase in population and economic activity and further more, to make sure that the timeline in claims handling is being improved!

    We have been training ‘new’ loss adjusters and claims preparers for sure, but this effort clearly has not been enough. We need to maintain the option in tapping into the available loss adjusters and claims preparers from overseas.

    Thank you.
    Erik Kroon – Chartered Loss Adjuster, Claims Preparer, Accountant.
    0423 024 609

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