Thanks Insurance Industry for your help and quick response

Last week I had an unusual request from Lisa who is a relative of a gentleman was yacht was washed up with out any sign of him on  remote stretch of coast in the Northern Territory.

I have really been proud of our industry in the way that everyone has quickly responded to Lisa’s enquiries either through the blog posting or to requests from one of my staff or myself to check records etc. It really was first rate and I am sure we have heard one way or the other from virtually every marine insurer in Australia.

The sad facts are that it is believed that the vessel was not insured and there is still no sighting of the missing owner. Barring a miracle it appears that he may have perished and been lost at sea.

I have provided advice to Lisa on the rules of maratime salvage and done what else I can. She is very appreciate of everyone’s efforts and while I am still working on some very long shots, there is nothing left to say on this, but thanks everyone who assisted. I and Lisa appreciate it.

I finish with the last news article from ABC news and  a few photos of the vessel where it currently is both at low and high tide.



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