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I travelled all around Australia last week, delivering training and speaking at professional development days and seminars in Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and I took time out on Saturday to attend a Christmas function in Albury (Thanks HIB). At each and every venue, at least one person came up to me and expressed their thanks for the introduction of this blog. Many said they had passed on the link to their work colleagues.

Thanks for this feedback, it means that my time is not wasted in preparing the various articles, but I would ask a few things in return. Please:
1. Consider leaving a comment, or better still, start a discussion. Most of what I get so far has been spam and this is discouraging. Even if you disagree with something, that is fine. The more that we all contribute, the more beneficial this blog will be. I encourage you not to be shy.
2. Do not be afraid to ask a question. I am working on having a separate section where anyone can post a question, and, time permitting, I will answer them all for the benefit of all the followers of the blog.
3. If you would like a message when I add an entry, you have a few choices. You can link up on LinkedIn, follow on Facebook (LMI Group Pty Ltd) or follow on Twitter (lmigroup).
4. Word of mouth is the most powerful and I would ask you to pass on any article that you feel will be of benefit to your friends and colleagues.

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  1. Andrew Aisbett says:

    On point 3 – don”t forget you can also subscribe to the RSS feed. You can use a reader like where you will get the updated content without needing to physically visit the site.

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