Thanks for the Positive Feeback

ClaimsComparison logoI have received a lot of positive feedback on both the widening of and the new eBook that Steve and I wrote on Cyber Security and Insurance.

Many brokers are commenting that some insurers have become very difficult to deal with in claims, particularly on larger losses and this site helps explain the importance of claims service to their customers.

With the ClaimsComparison website, many brokers and other organisations, including insurers, have requested that they be allowed to have a link on their site. I and the team at LMI are happy for this to happen and if you would like to obtain a free jpeg of the Trade Mark button to use as the link please write to me at and I will arrange for one to be sent to you.

cyber book with your logoWith the eBook, again, several brokers have asked if they can co-badge the book, which is, again, quite easy to do. There  is a modest cost to cover the work of our graphic designer but then the book can be used as an eBook or is ready for printing as a hard copy book. To view the standard eBook version or any of the others in the eBook series please click here.

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