Thanks and without wishing to push the friendship, could I ask for more?

Survey Message Communication ConceptI would like to thank the just over 1,000 people that responded to our claims survey. I have closed this one off today and am now wading through the 240 page report that it has produced and will put the results up on

I am sure insurers will find the results and some of the constructive commentary very beneficial. The only thing that (for some insurers) I will be asking is that they not shoot the messenger!

To keep the ClaimsComparison relevant and up to date we will need to carry out surveys every quarter or, if you prefer, you can complete it at any time, say any time a claim is completed and the system will keep the score as part of the quarterly results. Our next claims survey will be sent out in October.

In the meantime and without wishing to push the friendship, I am working with a software provider, Gratex, who specialise in systems for Underwriting Agencies, in gathering research that will ultimately provide better service etc to brokers and their customers.

A survey has been conducted of the Underwriting Agencies and now we are seeking input from insurance brokers to see if the perception of the Underwriting Agencies lines up with the view of brokers.

With this in mind, I would ask all insurance brokers to take a minute to complete the survey. I promise this is the last one I will ask for in the next three months. I do appreciate how busy everyone is, but your input does drive positive change and I urge you to have your say.

Here is a link to the survey:

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