Storm chaos in Melbourne – timely reminder of the dangers of flooded roads

Storm chaos in Melbourne – timely reminder of the dangers of flooded roads reported on Friday that Melbourne was expecting a months worth of rain in one day.

All across the state we saw cars stranded by flood waters as a result of the heavy downpour. And more is on the way according to the bureau.

“The SES had more than 720 callouts in 24 hours since Friday 9am. Richmond, Darley, Werribee, Bacchus Marsh and Hawthorn were the hardest hit, with the SES responding to 56 incidents in Richmond alone.

Of those callouts, 25 were to rescue people from their cars in flood water in the city region alone.” (Source: Herald Sun)


When will drivers learn?

Perhaps we need to send them the bill for the helicopters and emergency services, insert exclusions in motor policies or cancel licences for 12 months for risking it and knowingly driving in these conditions where they know they will likely get stuck.

The same goes for texting while driving. The number of serious accidents and injuries caused by this has to be reduced.

It is not worth risking your safety as well as those around you to send that message, or to drive through that flooded underpass or road where you DON’T know what is under there. Often, the entire road could be collapsed.


Feature Image: Flash flooding has left the Hume Fwy under water. Picture: Taylor McPhail Source:

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