Spotlight on claims – when things go right!

Spotlight on claims – when things go right!

The storms across the east coast of Australia effected many businesses, one being a well known reception centre in Melbourne who had damage to ceilings, carpets and fixtures and fittings.

With 2 weddings to be hosted over the weekend it needed a super human effort at a time when their is a massive demand to get things happening and allow the weddings to go on as planned.

I am pleased to report that Des Reaby, State Manager for LMI Claims in Victoria was able to attend immediately and call in the necessary resources including specialist firm Johns+Lyng and together, knowing what was at stake for the brides and grooms, worked a miracle so that both events were able to proceed as planned.

This of course was to the relief of the happy couples (excited is an understatement), their guests and of course the venue operators. It also means that there was no loss of turnover for the venue, no reputation damage, no wasted food etc.

It was a wonderful result all around and shows the power of a good insurance broker, a quality insurance program backed up by experts in claims management.

Well done to Des and all those involved. You really are making insurance great again!

We here at LMI can make the biggest difference if we can be appointed early on a claim. This is where managing a claim really does pay dividends. Trying to fix a claim that is off the rails is so much more difficult with opportunities to minimise the loss gone.

If you or your clients need help with a claim please contact the team on 0423 564 252 or email,


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