Speaking on flood, mitigation and insurance

I was interviewed last Friday by the Alice Springs Centralian Advocate on flood mitigation in advance of a community talk I am to deliver today at the Crowne Plaza at 5:30pm.

The story made front page news and was picked up by ABC Radio and I am to be interviewed at 4:10pm in their studios here in Alice Springs.

My concern is that the lack of dredging and the number of tree stumps and limbs that are all along the Todd River will result in needless flooding.  The following photos are of just some of the trees along 100 metres of the river bed.

The message seems to be getting through, as later in the day, I saw council workers clearing some minor litter from the river bed within 250 metres of the venue for tonight’s talk.

The river needs to be dredged regularly and the fallen trees removed. The issue is not only one of money but also of gaining the approval of the local indigenous leaders. The problem of course is the huge risk that a lack of preventative measures creates.


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