Speaking of the books – some feedback

On the subject of text books, I received this nice email, which I share with you below.

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of your Children’s book “What’s Insurance – Mr Owl explains how Insurance Protects Your Stuff“.  What an intelligently written and explained book…well done to you.

As promised here are the reviews from the new experts (unedited of course J)

My 9 year old son – Matthew

I think the book was good for kids that like and want to learn about insurance. I didn’t know that if something like a house broke you can get a new one only if that person has insurance. I liked the fact that there was a bit of History in the
book to. I didn’t know that people all around the world spend $5 trillion on insurance protection each year. And also in 1990, there was a big fire at the Queen’s Windsor castle. And lastly we all need insurance for anything like pet
insurance, marine insurance, sports insurance, aviation insurance etc.

My 12 year old daughter – Jessica

I thought that this book was very informative.  Mum used to come home from work and talk to Dad about her day at work and about claims and stuff like that.  I never knew what she was talking about.  After reading this book I knew
what she was talking about.  It’s like I can speak her language now!

After reading this book I learnt a lot of things like spreading the risk and about Nicholas Barbon’s bright idea.  It was very interesting book to read and now I know what insurance is and I think more kids should be taught about it.

Kind regards,

Suzanne” [surname and email provided]

Thanks Suzanne for taking the time to pass this back to me. Writing a book for children to explain our industry was more a challenge that I thought. It is good to hear I was not far off the mark.

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