Sometimes things line up for a good purpose.

Sometimes things line up for a good purpose.

Just over a week ago I wrote concerning the danger that large gum trees pose in suburbia. Link to article.

Over the weekend, I noticed an arborist in our street and approached him for a price to remove the ‘widow maker’ limb. I explained the old couple could not afford to get it removed and that council refused to help even though it posed a serious danger to anyone walking along the footpath.

He said that it was too high for him but one of his colleagues was a climber and he could get it down. His friend was called over and he offered to get it down for $50. The price was so reasonable I agreed on the spot.

I was impressed at his accuracy and the height he could get the rope up the tree.

I then got to watch the show. He had a long thin line attached to a small sack filled with sand. He threw it up through a fork in the tree above the dangling branch and he then lowered the bag to the ground. He attached a heavy climbing rope to this and pulled it up and over the fork in the tree.

2 shots of him climbing up the tree to the height of the dangerous branch.

Next he donned a climbing harness and attached a small pruning saw to his belt. Up he went relying not only on the climbing rope but also a second rope around the trunk of the tree. He was only wearing work boots so I asked why he was not wearing spikes. He explained as he was climbing that this would damage the otherwise healthy tree and cause small wounds that beetles and other bugs could use and this in turn would likely effect the health of the tree.

I acted as watcher to make sure no one or no car passed under the tree during the process and then moved things away as they came down.

I was busy doing this and he descended so fast I did not even see him do it.

I thought he would then ask for payment and be off. But no, he cut up the limb into pieces and loaded them onto his truck. My wife had joined me with our green waste bin and a broom and he came over with a rake for me while he used a leaf blower.

All was cleaned up and the neighbours who were not home probably will not even notice for days that the limb has gone.

I was so impressed with the speed of the service, the professionalism and the fact he did a lot more than I anticipated that I gave him a good bit extra still feeling I got a great deal. I have kept his card should anyone else in the street need a similar service. By paying more than quoted I am sure that I will have no trouble getting him out again, although that was not the reason I added a tip.

This was one of those times when things did line up for good. I cannot recall the last time I had seen a arborist in the street. He just happened to be out having a drink when I was walking past. Now the neighbours and those using the footpath are safe, the arborist made a few extra dollars and I have that warm feeling of having done good for the community. A feeling I get whenever I am able to help insureds following a loss.

The alternative with this limb was to turn a blind eye and face the feeling I would have had if someone had been injured or worse when the limb rotted through and came crashing down. To me it was a stitch in time that could really save nine.

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