Sharing some user feedback and ideas for the blog.

I get over 50 emails a week asking questions, providing feedback and this was the pick of last week’s. Thanks for the feedback, keep them coming. Most are recorded under the comment section of the article on which I have written. This one covers quite a few areas.

Have just caught up with your blog again late yesterday and this morning.

You have some exciting stuff on there. Are you creating a reference library for this material as it has value? [Yes it is all being retained and can be sourced via the “search” function or the categories tags.]

I was always one for floating thoughts around my company and the market regarding possible developments to facilitate change so that ultimately as the matters worked around the grape vine,  a lot of people came to accept much of it as developing conventional wisdom and some claimed the ideas as their property which made it easier to implement change. I found that floating ideas to Walter Spratt with Walters prodigious network and capacity to talk then being put into action was a fabulous help in the market.

The purpose of these comments is the suggestion in your blog responses about the setting up of other bodies more representative of market and perhaps doing joint venture
stuff with Governments.

Somewhat differently but with the same ultimate intention to bring about improvement, I would like to see ICA coming alive and sticking it up Government by using its resources to fund professional work on regional Towns and Cities to indicate what flood and other mitigation issues are appropriate and possible, the costs involved and the cost benefits that would follow. This is an idea that you could float and develop on your blog to get people moving and particularly the industry. The only way governments act to spend money is when they are forced to do so and it becomes a budget item included in their recurrent expenditure estimates.

Wouldn’t it be nice if ICA could become the aggressor and catalyst for change by promoting facts and figures in the public arena putting this out in the public place and doing what effective lobby groups are supposed to do. Surely self-interest requires ICA to show more aggression and do this for the industry and the community.

As regards protection of property in cyclone areas [] that have withstood damage so far, after Cyclone Tracy when the James Cook University came out with a code for new buildings, they also produced a code for strapping and protecting existing property and my old company required this applied to commercial property in its portfolio otherwise higher excesses and rates applied. This was not done with dwellings and I do not know whether the market since then has created any standards and/or rate differentials base on the same approach. It would seem that after recent weather events, there should be public announcements by the authorities about the need for all Householders to maintain their properties and have local advisory services at municipal council level. Insurers offering renewal of Home building policies need to ask questions about the protective measures applicable to the property whether constructed under a current code or otherwise to determine the underwriting risk. This is no different than asking questions about locking systems in place to safeguard  gainst easy entry to premises by thieves or about the age of the electrical system and when it was last checked by a licenced electrician.

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