Serious amounts of lead in some Hashmi eyeliners.

Serious amounts of lead in some Hashmi eyeliners.

I often ask you to keep your eye out for our warnings on recalled products. This one I want you to keep your eyes well away from.

The NSW Health Department uncovered the issue when 3 children from the same family became sick.

On testing two eyeliners, namely Hashmi Surmi Special and Hashmi Kohl Aswad, it was found they were a staggering 84 per cent lead, and also contained high levels of other dangerous metals including arsenic, cadmium, chromium and mercury.

According to NSW Health, exposure to lead can delay children’s physical growth and mental development and may cause learning and behavior problems, among other effects. For pregnant women, exposure can harm both the fetus and mother.

In adults, lead exposure can cause high blood pressure and brain, kidney and reproductive health issues.

The products were manufactured in Pakistan, and it is reported that NSW Fair Trading have referred the cosmetics to the Australian Border Force for investigation.

When I started looking into this, I found that there was a warning on New York City health site as well. I am not sure how long it had been there. I would like to think that government health departments world wide would warn each other of such issues so that we all do not have to learn the hard way.

When you look at the product packaging some even specifically states that no lead is present. As with my earlier post today, some things that humans do to each other to make a quick buck sickens me.

Obviously, if you or anyone in your family has this poison in their cosmetics cupboard, please take it back to where you purchased it and ask for your money back.

If you sold or imported this stuff, make sure you dispose of it safely. We do not want to solve one problem and create another.

This is a stark reminder to anyone that imports products into Australia. Under our consumer law you are deemed to be the manufacturer and you will be held liable for any injury, death or property damage caused by a faulty product. You will also be funding any product recall. You can obtain insurance to protect you against some of this risk but do not rely solely on your public liability policy. If you only rely on public liability you will find you are uninsured for what could be a significant loss.

Only yesterday, I was working with an experienced broker tracking down a honest and reliable testing facility to ensure product that his client was planning to import. This is extremely prudent and I was happy to help.




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