Scams, scams, scams and more scams..

scamwatchThey have always been around in many forms, however the influx of scams via all communication methods lately has been overwhelming. I reported not long ago, shortly after an aggravated burglary at our Melbourne office of an email scam directed at our financial controller, since then we have also had other employees targeted with similar email scams as well as bank account skimming to another few employees.

Unfortunately, I am here again reporting on a phone scam suffered by one of our employees whereby they received a phone call, the person on the other end claiming to be from Telstra who was informing them that their IP address had been hacked and they were monitoring the computer until now where it will be shut down because of this threat. A full detail of the scam can be found on the Scam Watch website and while posted back in 2014, the scam is still occurring due to lack of knowledge and understanding. I encourage you all to read through the latest scams and consistently be up to date with the possibilities so you are not caught out.

It is important that if you are at all in doubt of the legitimacy of an email or a scam from a company that you either go in store and question them in person or call them yourself on a number that you know belongs to their company and seek clarification of the email or phone call.

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