Scam alert

verizonOver the past two days I have had several emails saying that an account is over due. All have proved to be found to be scam emails trying to get me to click on a link.

The common feature has been  that the sender is using a email address.

On the Verizon website in their Support area, it has an address you can report scams, that email address being,  but when I tried to write to it, the email bounced back saying the email address is non existent.

Three take away points for us.

  1. we have blocked all emails to our staff from
  2. we are particularly careful of any emails originating from this source.
  3. you have to question the brand when the website links in the support area do not work.

verizon 2Steve Manning from our office is working on the feasibility of providing a service where you can just copy the wording of a questionable email into a search bar to see if it has been identified as a scam. We know the government has ScamWatch and this is good but the search function we are testing if it will be of benefit. I will report what we learn rather than me keep posting every scam I see cross my desk which can be up to 5 a day.

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