Protecting unoccupied premises from theft and fire.

I have posted articles on the risk of theft of metals from premises in the past. ( and

One of the challenges of protecting an unoccupied building is how to protect the building with alarms, particularly when there is no existing fire or burglar alarm system and the cost to install traditional systems are expensive due to the cost of the hard wiring at a time when the owner is not receiving rental income.

The other issue is that local alarms simply do not work. Where I work, whenever a local alarm goes off in the neighbourhood, I go out and check but I have never seen any other neighbour or passer-by make any attempt to investigate. (I am probably lucky that it has always been a false alarm and not some big burly thief.)

On the other hand the mere presence of CCTV reduces the likelihood of crime including grafiti and when there is an intruder or fire there is much greater chance of early intervention.

One possible solution that seems to be achieving results is Videofied. To learn more visit ?????

I would like to thank broker Raymond Lundie who alerted me to the service. If anyone has had any first hand experience with the system please let me know.

As with all my entries, I have not received any fee to mention this company. I am just sharing what appears to be a good idea with a proven track record.

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