Proceeds from a raffle will not rebuild a house

My long suffering PA, Julie does ballroom dancing as a hobby. Last night the dance studio ran a raffle for the parents of a family who lost their home of 20 years to fire. The entire home, which was lost, was not insured!

Despite the very kind gesture of the studio to run a raffle to assist the family, the proceeds of course went nowhere near the amount required to reinstate the home and its contents.

I really cannot believe that anyone would take the risk of not having insurance. It is not just fire, but storms, burglary, flood and liability claims.

If you or any of your family do not have home and or contents insurance please get insurance immediately. The investment of say $10 per week would give you the peace of mind that you would not be left homeless like this family with 5 children.

Even if you live in a flat and do not believe your contents are worth insuring, having contents insurance will typically provide $20 million liability cover just in case you cause a fire by, say, leaving food unattended on the stove and causing damage to the flat or unit. Here again the cost would be extremely low for the protection offered and the risk transferred.

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