Police Catch Expert Burglars

Police stamp out a master theft gang

My colleagues and I at LMI have been concerned at the increased number of very well planned robberies that have taken place over the last year or so and it was clear that a very clever gang was involved.

We were concerned that security companies may be involved and the chance of that cannot be overlooked. These losses involved high profile families and some very secure commercial premises. How they were able to evade sophisticated alarms, CCTV and open high quality safes was just too good to be true.

What is pleasing to hear and report is that Police have had a team based in New South Wales under surveillance while in Victoria and they caught them red-handed.

It is estimated that this one team is linked to over $65 million in stolen money and goods.

The link below to a newspaper article provides more information on the arrest.


Theft continues to be a major cost to the insurance industry both in domestic insurance and commercial lines and it is good to see this gang caught. With the sort of money they have stolen, it would appear on the face of it, the $100,000 bail is far too light but I am not a criminal lawyer. I certainly hope this is not a sign of a lenient sentence.

It is not just the monetary losses that should be considered. This, of course, includes the damage caused by burglars, which can be considerable. It is also the huge emotional stress it puts on the victims of such robberies, whether it be a home occupier or business owner.

Pleasingly, LMI were able to assist the police in catching another gang, I would suggest far less sophisticated, who broke into an electrical retailer just prior to Christmas and got away, for a short time only, with nearly 1,000 iPads.

I am pleased to say we have an excellent relationship with the police, as does the insurance investigator who is in the same building as LMI in Melbourne, Peter Hiscock.

Well done to Victoria Police on these arrests.

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