Please take the Federal Government’s advice on solar panels

Please take the Federal Government’s advice on solar panels

You will have heard on the news the spat between the Federal and State Governments on the issue of faulty solar panel installations.

To me it is the insulation bat scandal all over again with a number of dodgy individuals out to make a quick buck.

In my own case I rang the association and sought their advice on who was long term and respectable. I was given a name and I asked them to quote 3 properties. My home, our office and a relative’s home.

The work was done and all signed off by the electrical supervisor.

A couple of things rung alarm bells one of which was when the owner of the business was seen by my relative also providing a low quality courier service.

We therefore had a reputable electrician check out all three and 2 of the three were wrongly installed and wrongly wired. This should have been obvious to the ‘independent’ person who signed off on the works. It turns out the first contractor did not get paid by the owner with whom we contracted and so it was a third who did the job that was done to a legal and acceptable standard.

Instead of playing politics on this important issue, governments should work together and help people who have been caught by the dodgies, fine and take away any licences off them and those that signed off on them.

They should also learn from the debacles of the insulation batt scheme and this one and have controls in place to prevent life threatening situations like this from occurring in the first place.

For anyone with solar panels I fully support the advice to have them checked to ensure that they are not causing damage to your house, are a potential fire hazard and or a death trap waiting to happen.

The other thing to check is that you are actually getting rebates from your electricity suppliers. There have been scams around this as well with people having to go the ombudsmen to get any sort of justice.


2 responses to “Please take the Federal Government’s advice on solar panels”

  1. Murray Atkin says:

    Great advice to all and sundry – pity those dodgy individuals could not be named. shamed and prosecuted!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have also just had install 6.6kw on my roof and was most dissatisfied with the installer.

    Firstly he failed to take my advice on how I wanted the wiring to be done and cause damage to my house, leaving an array of mess.

    Not only this I had previously had wiring in place for future air-conditioning needs in a conduit and terminated correctly.

    When I had the damage to capping repaired by my roofing plumber he was nearly electrified as the initial protection conduit was removed and exposed wiring shoved in a whole with expanding foam used to plug their damage. The solar installer then turned on this connection which was off at the switchboard. Thankfully the roofing plumber is fine.

    The solar installer was given a diagram and photo shop of where the panels were to be installed (Nearmap report) with three rows. The last row should have been a minimum of 700mm from the box gutter but instead was placed up to the box gutter (See photo) and the installer used the box gutter as a walkway which unfortunately caused the gutter to dent and allow the Saturday night storm to pour directly into my roof space and ensuite. “Not happy Jan”

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