Not just another survey

Not just another survey

If you are like me, you are hit with a survey almost every time you use a service. On top of this, there are a number of industry surveys, including our own, for Claims Comparison and ultimately the Mansfield Awards for Claims Excellence.

When it comes to LMIG, in our near 20 year history, we have only conducted 1 survey on our services, and that was 5 years ago. Having completed ContinuityCoach 2.0, we are now looking at what enhancements to our product suite that our subscribers, whether you are an insurance broker or underwriters, would like to see made. All of our services are designed to be a sales tool for you, educational pieces and protectors of the advisers professional indemnity and so we are focused on ensuring that all of these meet your changing needs.

As such, I do have a personal request that you complete an upcoming survey that will be sent out to all our clients over the next few weeks, for the 10 minutes that you will be asked to sacrifice will be used to shape the quality and type of services we continue to provide the insurance industry into the next 20 years.

I thank you in anticipation for your time, and more importantly, your valuable feedback.

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