New Zealand Government to review Fire Service Levy

My campaign to remove fire service levy from insurance was not confined to Australia but included New Zealand and it was with real delight that I heard that the NZ Minister of Internal Affairs Chris Tremain announced a review of the functions and funding of New Zealand’s fire services.

The announcement reads “An independent panel will provide advice on how New Zealand can have a 21st century fire service which operates seamlessly with the roles performed by other emergency service

Of real significance to the insurance sector is the fact that “…. the review will assess future options for funding of the fire service. Funding needs to be stable, equitable and predictable. Improvements need to be made to the current model, which is based on an insurance-based levy.”

This of course is no guarantee of a change of funding other than from insurance, but in my opinion it should be in order to increase the affordability of insurance and decrease the high level of under insurance I saw after the earthquakes.

I will prepare a detailed submission on the need for the removal of the tax on insurance.

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