New advice to ‘Just drive off’ following carjacking of a crash victim

New advice to ‘Just drive off’ following carjacking of a crash victim

Victorian drivers are required by law to stop and exchange details with the other party(ies) if they are involved in a motor vehicle accident.

New advice has been issued from the Police following a recent event where a crash victim, a woman, had a gun pointed at her head in a horrific carjacking , their tactic hitting into her vehicle to lure her out.

WA Today reports

Kay (who did not use her surname), stopped to swap details when her car was rear-ended by an SUV in Narre Warren South (VIC).

A man who produced a gun, pressed it to her forehead and demanded her keys. When she didn’t hand them over straight away, she was pistol-whipped.


The article goes on:

Detective Acting Sergeant Dean Higgins said drivers should check to see if the situation is safe before getting out of a vehicle following a crash.

“The advice is nowadays, make sure you’re safe first,” he said.

“Under these circumstances … go by your gut feeling, go by your surrounds.

“Have a look first before getting out of the vehicle. And if you don’t believe it is safe, just drive off.”

If the situation isn’t safe, drivers should head straight to a police station and call triple zero on the way, Acting Sergeant Higgins said.

Spokesperson for the Insurance Council of Australia Karl Sullivan stressed the importance of safety, adding insurance claims could still be lodged and assessed without registration details.

“If you can note the registration of the other vehicle it will be useful, but not essential. Safety first,” he said.

“As soon as you are safe and have spoken to police, contact your insurer to lodge the claim.”
I think while the advice from spokesperson of ICA, Karl Sullivan is correct that safety should be considered first. Keep in mind that if you can get the registration, if anything by not leaving your car, you can take this with you to the Police station who should have the person’s details on file. You or them can then provide this to your insurance company to maintain your not-at-fault excess refund, and potentially no claim bonus, by providing the other involved party’s details.
I can also see Dash cameras becoming more and more important for situations just like these, to protect you.

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