Messages from Mansfield Awards

Messages from Mansfield Awards

On Thursday night, the 3rd Annual Mansfield Awards for Claims Excellence were held in Sydney. It was great to see so many claims teams and senior management supporting their teams in attendance.

While the night shone a beacon on those that truly embrace the important promise that quality insurance and claims service delivers it also highlighted a number of important issues.

Gary Dransfield from Suncorp spoke passionately about a number of issues including the importance of insurance to rural communities. Having been to so many natural disaster events since Cyclone Ada in 1970, I fully support the research that Suncorp have been doing in this area. I would add my thanks to Gary for taking the time to speak at the Mansfields.

It also crossed over with two of the messages I touched on. That the insurance industry needs to work with government to really tackle risk mitigation strategies to reduce the impact of natural disasters and linked to this is the affordability of insurance for many Australians. This is made so much worse by the heavy burden of taxation on insurance in this country, particularly New South Wales.

Without adequate insurance, communities are at real risk of losses that will plunge many families into a spiral of poverty they cannot get out of and which has a detrimental multi generational effect. To tax the product that is going to reduce the likelihood of having families become reliant of social security is non nonsensical.

An underlying theme of the night was the vital importance of trust in general insurance. This is the trust that our customers have the right to have in their insurer at the one time it means the most. Claim time.

The question is will the increasing use of artificial intelligence in claims increase or reduce trust. That is a great topic for another day.

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