Mallacoota business receives help from Woman’s Day

Mallacoota business receives help from Woman’s Day

The Woman’s Day is choosing a local business in the town they are supporting in each of the editions since this year’s bush fires. In the town of Mallacoota they have picked the IGA Supermarket, which is one of the many businesses and families that LMI Group are assisting with their insurance claims.

The Mallacoota IGA is a deserving recipient of the recognition for they have opened the store and gave refuge throughout the night during the height of the fires, making sure that everyone was safe and well fed.

The way the scheme works is that people donate money to the IGA Supermarket and then they will provide groceries (not alcohol or tobacco products) to families who are struggling at this time. The system is working well, and the owner of the IGA and its bank manager are accounting for every penny while the recipients of the food are eternally grateful.

The initiative which puts the donations in the hands of those in need of help, is a great one. For being out in the field we see the best and worst of humanity.

Well done Woman’s Day, and well done IGA.

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  1. Jenny says:

    What a wonderful initiative – well done to all involved.

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