LMI’s 20 years of service – what has it meant to you?

LMI’s 20 years of service – what has it meant to you?

This coming Monday, we celebrate 20 years of service to the insurance and wider communities.

I would ask that if you have or are using one of our services, have benefited from one of our innovations that you share you your thoughts, experience etc as to what this has meant for you.

While I will share any good news with the team as we gather to acknowledge this milestone, I am equally keen to learn how we can improve.

So let’s have it, the good, the bad the ugly. Please use the comment section below and thank you.

3 responses to “LMI’s 20 years of service – what has it meant to you?”

  1. Winnie says:

    Congratulations!! Mr. Allan Manning and to the team of LMI!
    Happy 20th Anniversary!!

    Thank you so much for all your support and educational advice!!
    All the best with your future endeavors!!


  2. Kay Jackson says:

    LMI has been a valuable part of our business since we started in 2005.
    Long before Technology was the in thing – LMI had their Policy Comparison Service – This not only allows us to be able to compare products to ensure that the product we recommend to our clients is suited to them it also allows us to show the vast difference between an Insurers Direct Wording and that of a Steadfast Brokers Accidental Damage Wording.
    From there they have provided other Services such as Rick Coach, the Business Interruption Sum Insured Calculation, etch which are of great value too. But the one area that I love the most is LMI Legal which has assisted our clients when disputes fall outside of AFCA and they certainly know their stuff, focusing purely on Insurance Litigation they have managed to assist many of our clients – All who have been very happy when the Insurers have made the wrong decision on a claim
    I congratulate Allan Manning and his Team – You certainly enhance the Services that our Team offer our Clients so Thank You for the last 20 years and the next 20 🙂

  3. Allan says:

    Thanks Winnie. Yes I did miss one but as soon as I was advised I removed the name. I think the issue was that the claims person did not know about their own IDR process.

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