LMI ClaimsComparison has a new home

Claims ComparisonIn addition to delivering the major upgrade of LMI PolicyComparison, the IT team also moved LMI ClaimsComparison site to www.ClaimsComparison.com from the .com.au site.

We did try and get the .com domain, in keeping with www.PolicyComparison.com, but it was being sat on by a domain squatter. The original price being asked by the squatter was simply not realistis and so we went with .com.au. This caused the squatter to reconsider their pricing structure and I am pleased to say that we have been able to negotiate a very modest price to secure the .com version.

We now own both versions with the .com.au pointing to the new home.

The service itself continues to gain a very wide audience, with more and more insurers advertising their LMI ClaimsComparison star rating in their marketing material.


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