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I can find blogging a little frustrating in that you do not know if your message is getting across  or the effort you put into it is worth it.

I have run an internal blog for my staff which I do every day and have over 4,500 postings but with only a few hundred responses. Having said that the LMI team volunteer that they really appreciate my keeping them informed of what I am thinking, doing etc and that it aids communication within the business.

With this external blog it is much the same. I get questions but very few written comments that give me feedback one way or the other on the content, frequency or quantity of postings.

Having said this, at two recent conferences I have had people come up to me and say that they appreciate and get a lot out of the blog and that they pass it on to colleagues and clients.

Today I received several notes via LinkedIn and Facebook (none by the comments section of the blog) saying thanks for the posts. Thanks, these two second responses show that the effort is worth it. It is particularly rewarding to hear when a broker or insurer has passed a particular post to one of their customers.

So my request to you is that if you like what you read, do not like what you read,  want a question answered, want to offer a different point of view or simply want to say hi, please use the comments section. Any feedback is appreciated.


7 responses to “Let me know what you think”

  1. Mark says:

    Allan, people (at least one !) are indeed reading.

  2. Dr. Manning,
    just dropping a line to say how much I am enjoying your blog. I am new to it these past couple of weeks but have found insights into insurance in industries other than my own to be very interesting. As publisher of a small niche market trade journal I noted with wry amusement your request for feedback. I don”t know if it is the speed at which we live today, or the anonymity of browsing – or even the desire not to be seen to be putting your ”two bobs worth” in all the time, but people don”t seem to like to comment. And then, as you say, you bump into them at a seminar and they effuse quite knowledgeably about an article you wrote some time back that was useful to them. All I can say is, keep up the excellent work, and know people are enjoying and appreciating it, even if they are sometimes a little slow to say so.
    Best wishes,

  3. Steve Dymond says:

    Allan – I religiously read your blog and share it amongst people I know as well as on our internal networks at IAA. They are of great value to all of us – please don”t stop! Steve

  4. Andrew Aisbett says:

    I reckon a few of your staff are on here as well 😉

  5. Peter Cocks says:

    Allan, we live in a world, where people have never been more exposed to as much (immediate) information as we have today. Like the man offering free hugs in Sydney, its expected, but take it away, and the world is a poorer place. As a wise man from the Democrats said in the ”80”s-“maintain the rage”, especially if you want things to change.

  6. Hi Allan,
    We read your blog here at RIB. I, in particular am looking for articles to tweet and find your content helpful for that.
    Don”t stop it is a great resource!. Regards, Marnie

  7. Dear Allan,

    Your blog is not only a terrific resource but a motivation in itself. As you are fully aware, our industry gets some (unjustified) bad press. I was at Heathrow airport last week and received some disparaging comments from the Customs Officer when she read my occupation! Reading your blog and updates does make a difference to me and our colleagues – if Dr Manning can stay motivated then so can we!

    Hope to see you soon,

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