Jamming Car Locks

Key lock jamming
Thieves block remote car locking systems

Overseas vehicle owners are being hit with thefts of  valuables from parked cars as car-jamming gangs target shopping centres and schools.

The problem for many insureds is that unless there are signs of forcible or violent entry, most insurance policies will not cover the loss.

Jamming involves blocking the car key-fob central locking devices by using a household remote. Car and household remotes operate at a 400 megahertz frequency and criminals effectively prevent car locking as the driver walks away.

According to research, schools are being targeted as they are particularly good for the theives as many parents leave hand bags, suit coats containing wallets, and laptops in their cars while they walk their children into school.

To minimise the risk of loss, the following measures are recommended.

1. Conceal any items left in your vehicle; even better if you can take valuables with you.

2. Use the remote locking key while standing by your car to make sure it has in fact locked.

3. Take a second to check that all the doors and windows are locked before you walk away.

4. Park where the car is visible, and, if possible, under a CCTV.

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