Is the time finally up for Fire Service Levies in NSW?

Following on from the news of last week that the Shires Association of NSW was calling for the removal of the Fire Service Levy in NSW, it is great to hear via today’s edition of Insurance News that the New South Wales Treasurer Mike Baird announced today that the state will “consult with the community” on dropping the insidious Fire Services Levy in NSW.

I think all of us sincerely hope that the New South Wales Government will act quickly to move the Fire Service Levy to property rates where everyone will contribute fairly to the provision of vital fire and emergency services and not just those prudent and risk averse enough to insure.

Well done Mr Baird and the NSW Government. Well done!

I will be making a formal submission to the NSW Government on this issue setting out my strong views on the subject including some guidance on the smooth transition from insurance to property rates as it is my sincere hope that the transition is handled more logically and fairly than the fiasco that is currently happening in Victoria!

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