Is Business Interruption all Greek to you?

My best selling book, Business Interruption Insurance and Claims is being translated into Greek as there is no book available in that country in the native language to train and guide brokers and underwriters.

Vassilis Vatsas of Fair Consulting contacted me and said that after reading all the books on business interruption mine was the clearest and easiest to understand. I was really pleased to receive this feedback as that is exactly what motivated me to write the book in the first place. Vassilis is a fellow member of the International Institute of Claims Preparers based in Athens.

The first translation is under way using Google translating software but it will take a lot of reviewing but as a non Greek speaker I will not be much help other than explain any point Mr Vatsas is not sure of.

Two  languages down, estimated 7.306 to go before everyone understands the importance of business interruption insurance.


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