Introducing LMI RiskCoach 2.0

Introducing LMI RiskCoach 2.0

LMI are extremely pleased to be celebrating 10 years of RiskCoach, in this our 20th year of operation. It is interesting to reflect how this very popular service for brokers and underwriters came into existence.

After taking a year to research and write the Understanding the ISR 3 volume book series I worked on developing a service, PolicyCoach, to allow brokers to build a quality quote slip with all the relevant core, industry and risk specific endorsements. The idea was to also allow underwriters to have access to the suite of over 600 endorsements with the ‘Coach’s Comments’ in a ‘Lite’ Version.

One of the first people I demonstrated the prototype to was Adam Matteson who was then with Munich Re, now with Suncorp/Vero. While he liked and supported the product he suggested I needed to go further and work on developing a RiskCoach to assist both underwriters and brokers and ultimately insured’s understand risk by industry/occupation.

As with so many things I have undertaken, if I knew just how much work it would entail I would never have done it, but urged on by Robert Kelly and the board at Steadfast, Ian Carr and Dale Coombes of Insurance Advisernet, away I went. Realising that I could not do this alone I recruited first, Prasad Galhindarachchi, a highly experienced risk and insurance expert who I am pleased to say is still with us continuing to update the content to keep it relevant and to introduce additional classes of insurance.

Product development had a real kick along when Neil Myhre who brought both his experience in insurance and education to the team. After getting the product well and truly happening Neil moved on to a senior position with Allianz Marine.

As with all our products we listen to our users and Steve Manning took on the role as project manage to develop RiskCoach 2.0 after his great work in developing the very successful RiskCoach on the Go app.

RiskCoach 2.0, as I refer to it, enriches the ever-growing system taking our insurance and risk research to the next level.

As I indicated above, by listening to market feedback and as Steve and his development team saw the industry evolving, it became apparent that users needed a system that not only explains the risk and the classes of insurance available to clients, but one that also assists the adviser in the sales process while reducing the time taken to extract the relevant data to a meaningful report.

By providing client ready documents directly from the system RiskCoach is now that answer. Like all LMI eServices it truly is a sales tool, education piece and a professional indemnity protector.

We have removed the need for users to undertake the time-consuming task of copy and pasting the information, and of course the dreaded formatting that follows with our new ‘Quick Report’ feature.

To see exactly how it all works I would invite you to click here to watch an introduction and guide to this new feature.

This report brings not only your clients insurance needs to the forefront in a smart and professional way but also allows you to highlight your company and personal profile in a new and exciting way.

The features do not stop there so please jump in and explore. Remember through API’s the service can be incorporated into your broker or other system.

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